power, passion, play

I have been called lots of things in my life.

Survivor. Fighter. Mother. Lover. Loudmouth.

I am all those things and so much more… just like you.

I am deeply passionate about helping women discover themselves fully after living through violence and trauma. I am even more committed to ensuring our daughters can live in a world where these things cease to exist.

I am so honoured to have you join me in this space and I look forward to sharing your journey with you. I invite you to take a deep dive with me, learning practices to regulate, rewire & renew your connection to your body, your relationships and your life.


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PLEASE NOTE: My books are closed for new clients & students in 2022.

If you wish to book a keynote or a Bystander Cultural Change Workshop, please get in touch. 

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We work using trauma recovery tools to integrate your story, nourish your nervous system and re-connect you to the sensual wisdom of your body. We take a deep dive into personal practices that will help you reclaim your power, reignite your passion and remind you how to play.


Step into the Rebel Dojo and sign up for workshops using self defence skills to provide an embodied experience of safety & power.  Learn to kick ass and change your life.


Be the change you wish to see… I regularly run workshops for parents who want to make this world a better place for their young people. Sex positive parenting, cultivating bystander behaviour & parenting with past trauma are all issues I tackle – with humour, research & practicality.


I love a microphone and an audience! A tedX speaker, I am an award winning motivational presenter who loves nothing more than to share the rewards of re-connecting women to their passion, power & play.

private sessions

Available in person or via zoom


Weekly classes and one day events Australia wide


In person and online events


MC, keynote & panel appearances

Clients Testimonials

The time with Lily was very much appreciated, this woman knows so much about sex and intimacy and she’s so comfortable in her own skin, presents the subject with lots of warmth, knowledge and humour. I learned heaps – not only about me, but how, as a parent I can support my girls in all things sex, intimacy and body image.

This field, that can become a minefield if it’s not tended to,. But it can be a fetile field of beauty and pleasure enhancement if supported by Lily, who showed up with so much courage and honesty. I highly recommend her to any mother


Women's educator, She Sessions

Working with Lily was life changing.

Through relationship, vulnerability and Lily’s authentic humour, I learnt to celebrate my strengths, face my weaknesses and tap into mental and physical stamina that I didn’t know I had.

You can not finish this work without discovering something new about yourself and feeling more solid on this earth as a WOMAN.

Rosie Adams


From the moment I walked through the door I was received with such warmth, and support. Lily and her team create an incredible, safe, secure, empowering, and playful container, where physical limitations are taken care of, past experiences are witnessed with love, and our true spirit is cheered on and celebrated.

In gratitude also for the other women, of all ages, who showed up fully not only for themselves, but for every other woman in that room. And in gratitude for myself, as while my healing journey continues, I smile in the knowing of just how far I have come



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I like to share moments of hope & humour, as well as resources for trauma recovery, violence prevention, culture change, parenting, and generally having a life that you love. If you want to hear from me (irregularly, I promise - I am a mum) drop your details in the box....

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