Bombarded by so many “wants” dressed up as “needs” at this time of year. The busyness can be all consuming, the wanting a bottomless pit of looking at the lack.

Yet if we breathe…

Look up

Look out


And feel deeply how blessed we are. How full of abundance our lives truly are.

We can compare our lives to the shiny, glossy shit trap that is the media monster, or we can compare our lives to those who struggle to find enough water to live through the day.

We can choose to focus on what we lack, or we can choose to focus on what we already have.


Right now.

Once a year (at the very least, but especially around now) I make a list of AT LEAST 50 things that I have in my life right now, that make me feel completely abundant. That bring me joy. That give me pleasure. That fill my days and make my life mine.

This is a little exercise I tell everyone to do. 50 things feel like a lot? Believe me, once you start, 50 seems barely enough blank spaces to count your blessings.

Take 10 minutes,  big blank sheet of paper, turn your head off and your heart on and get going.  I would love to see the result…

Want to sticky at mine? I share them freely as inspiration

  1. my children
  2. my husband
  3. fresh flowers
  4. loud music
  5. singing in the car
  6. dancing in the lounge
  7. books
  8. beautiful linen
  9. perfume
  10. soap
  11. painted toenails
  12. silver jewellery
  13. speaking to big crowds of people
  14. travel
  15. pretty dresses
  16. sunrises
  17. stars
  18. fire
  19. wine glasses
  20. coffee cups
  21. piano music
  22. great food
  23. candles
  24. fairy lights
  25. outside baths
  26. essential oils
  27. yoni eggs
  28. long loose pants
  29. yoga
  30. tattoos
  31. cold water swims
  32. hugs on the street
  33. breakfast in cafes
  34. live music
  35. dancing with my lover
  36. friends over for long lazy dinners
  37. afternoon naps
  38. boots
  39. massages
  40. brazillian waxes
  41. pretty panties
  42. high heels
  43. corsets
  44. writing
  45. camping
  46. cooking
  47. learning
  48. listening to motivational people
  49. the veins in my lover’s arms
  50. new music
  51. bed at the end of the day
  52. waking up to my husband
  53. airplanes
  54. kayaking
  55. saunas
  56. nice hotel rooms
  57. scarves
  58. big coats
  59. pot plants
  60. fresh herbs
  61. post it notes
  62. to do lists
  63. outside lounges
  64. textas and glitter pens
  65. lightening storms on a hot day
  66. heavy rain

Oooop, guess I got a bit carried away….

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