“As a survivor & an advocate for victims, I have a passionate & vested interest in creating a culture that supports safety, women’s rights, comprehensive sexuality education and a robust plan to end all forms of sexual violence.

I have made a personal & professional promise to keep one young person safe from violence, every day, for the rest of my life. My team is utterly dedicated to developing & delivering programs that inspire, educate & empower people to create the cultural change we so desperately need to see.”

About Me

With a background in health & wellness, Lily has specialised in women’s health, and specifically recovery from sexual trauma for over 2 decades. Between her private practice and her speaking career she has helped thousands of women claim back their health, vitality, body sovereignty & mental well-being after instances of sexual abuse, rape, violence & trauma.

She is well versed in what the problem is. And more importantly, passionate about what the solution can be.

Named International Women’s Day Woman of the Year (Coffs Coast) for 2020, Lily is a sought after speaker. A self confessed loud mouth unafraid of tackling the tough topics she travels Australia wide, educating parents & services about better ways to have impactful, insightful, brave conversations with our children about sex, love & self esteem.

As a mother to 3 children herself, she has an empathic insight into how tough this part of parenting can be. She has been described as inspiring, engaging, thorough & wickedly honest. She has been featured in publications such as Babyology, Simply Kids, ABC Radio, Kinderling Radio, The Good Men Project, Pregnancy Birth & Beyond, Motherly Magazine, The Confident Parent & The Relationship Compass, and her work has been translated in 3 languages, performed as stage monologues as part of the Why I Did Not Report movement. She has delivered at Seven Sisters Festival, Earth Frequency, The Business Women’s Network, Mind Body Spirit Festival & TedX.

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Professional training

  • Trauma Recovery Coach & Counsellor (IAOTRC)
  • MATE Bystander Facilitator (Griffith University)
  • Reality Based Self Defence Instructor (MDTA)
  • Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine (DHCNM)
  • Stewards of Children – sexual abuse prevention (DTL)
  • Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse group facilitator (NSW Health)
  • Men’s domestic & family violence behaviour change group facilitator (NSW Health)
  • Porn Literacy Facilitator (BPHC)
  • Family planning condom & STI youth trainer
  • Youth mindfulness facilitator (MiSP)
  • Indigenous narrative therapy
  • Neuro Emotional Technique
  • Sticky Stuff youth sexual health
  • Current Working With Children Check

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I like to share moments of hope & humour, as well as resources for trauma recovery, violence prevention, culture change, parenting, and generally having a life that you love. If you want to hear from me (irregularly, I promise - I am a mum) drop your details in the box....

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