In over 20 years of working with women, I have learned many, many things…

Ancient herbal wisdom, modern nutritional science,

neuro emotional programming, kinesiology,

Indigenous story circle medicine,

art therapy & creative dance process,  

remedial body work and vibrational healing. 

I have helped thousands of women come back into their fullness.

From mindfulness to mantras,

dance to dedications,

I have taught women practices that have changed their lives.

But I have never found anything as powerful

as the tools I am going to share with you now…



Below you will find several ways to work with me,

and I invite you to explore the option that feels right for you.


I have the absolute privelege of travelling the country,

speaking to both men and women about sacred sexuality,

intimacy, connection, relationship, and the power of a well pleasured woman.

You can join me at an event, or you can invite me to come and speak at your next event.



If you live in the Mid North Coast of NSW,

you may like to come and spend some time taking a deep dive into

the magnificence that is you, during a private session.

Or you may like to come as a couple for a private session

and experience a transformative journey in intimacy & connection.

If you are anywhere else in the world you can connect with this work through a private session via Skype.



Or you may be ready to pass your wisdom on to the next generation,

and need some help to start that process.

If this is your journey,

I would love to see you at a Courageous Conversations event soon. 



Whatever you need, for whatever stage you are at on your journey

to whole hearted, passion filled living,

I have something for you.

Ways to work with me

Sex positive parenting is a skill. 

And like any skill, some techniques, some resources and some guidance

can make all the difference between struggle and success.

I believe sex positive parenting can change the future.

I don’t know about you, but I want my children to enter a world where

their bodies and their hearts are respected, challenged, acknowledged, grown.

I want a world where LOVE and mutual pleasure is the expectation.

I want a world where education is about connection, self respect and exploration

none of the things our children are learning from a porn saturated culture of violence & disrespect.

I want something different for my children – and yours.


How about you?

I have had the delight and privilege of working with many organisations over the past 15 years,

in the role of program facilitator, presenter, MC and keynote speaker.


I have presented at universities, colleges, businesses, non-profits,

networking events, fundraising events, festivals & symposiums. 

My work has been featured during many interviews,

both in magazines & on radio.  


If you believe my message is a good fit for your

school, group, business, event or organisation,

please feel free to contact me to discuss a collaborative partnership.

I always knew there had to be a different way to live.

I used to watch those “other” women… You know the ones.  

They seem to sparkle and shine – their lives seem to flow with a grace & ease I envied from afar.


It was if they had discovered some secret power..

And they had.


They had discovered what happens to a woman when she is completely,

confidently and deeply engaged with her sexual self.  

They had learned that a woman’s core is not her achievements, not her home, her job, not her friends or her family.

A vibrant woman’s core is her sexuality

and participation in a divine relationship with

her own sacred vessel –

her beautiful body.


Are you ready to be one of those women?

Do you want the kind of relationship that songs are sung about?

Poems are written about?

Wars are waged over?

Or maybe you just want the kind of relationship that fills your heart,

sets your soul alight,

brings you joy, pleasure, satisfaction, connection, growth, challenge and deep love

During a private couples session we explore ways to keep that commitment alive.

Ways to ignite the fire of passion in your partnership (especially if it is a little dim!)

Ways to continually connect – in intimacy, respect, desire, curiosity & love.


Find out how…

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