Preventing the sexual assault of

one young person

every single day. 

There is an old saying:  


“How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.”


The problem of sexual abuse & assault in our under 25’s population is a behemoth of a problem.

The One a Day Project aims to show how, as individuals, families and communities, we can eliminate this problem.


One community at a time, one family at a time. One child at a time.


There lies great power in the individual to create lasting positive impact on this problem.

I am committed to changing this problem for one young person, every day, for the rest of my life, through this project.


Will you join me?

Lily offers the most wonderful forum for parents and community to get down to the nitty gritty, awkward, most-often-avoided subject of sex, gender, intimacy and relationships and how to engage in meaningful, ongoing conversations with our children as they mature.

With thoroughly researched material, skilful sensitivity and a healthy sense of humour, she creates a safe respectful arena in which to ask any and all questions you might have.

She empowers the participants to be self-referenced, authentic, honest and appropriate to the moment. She addresses the increasing challenges of inappropriate early exposure to sexuality through social media, a hyper-sexualised image-conscious culture and the influence of alcohol, drugs and the pressure of peers to ‘belong’.

This kind of forum is so desperately needed  to create a healthy culture of openness, trust, curiosity and informed consent  and I highly recommend Lily’s work to any parents and educators looking for practical platform to begin.

Nirado Griffin


Our focus is to create a culture of sexual abuse prevention.

This can be achieved by nurturing a sex positive attitude and by creating spaces where education and robust dialogue can occur.

Through fun and engaging parenting workshops, challenging and inspiring public forums, and honest and diverse events, we will start a national conversation about what it takes to change the statistics.


We believe parents, care givers, social services & educators are all vital to this change. 


We know our young people are desperate for honest answers about sexuality, meaningful conversations about human relationships and practical tools on how to navigate the world though which they move.  

They are ready for this to change.

Are you?

This Forum is part of an ESSENTIAL conversation we need to be having with our children regarding their sexuality.

Consider, do you want to be the one to share with them about healthy sexuality or do you want them to get it from the internet?



Learn how to be the person your child turns to…

Attend a free online forum



Join a group of amazing parents from around the world as we share resources and stories, every fortnight.

Attend a Parenting seminar


Attend an evening event in a city near you. Learn key skills to navigate all kinds of tricky topic with ease & confidence.

Book Lily Isobella to speak at your organisation


With over 2 decades experience as a program facilitator, presenter & in private practice, a presentation from Lily is an unforgettable experience.


Why it is never too early to start the conversation

Waiting until your child hits high school to start this conversation is too late. Messages of body positivity, consent, informed decision making & relationship skills can be shared from the time your child is born.

Percentage of young people who have had, or are engaging in sex

  • Year 10 students 25%
  • Year 11 students 33%
  • Year 12 students 50%


of students surveyed use porn to fill in the gaps in the sex ed they receive at school


of children have viewed online porn by age 16


of young women aged under 21 have had an unwanted sexual experience


of students are dissatisfied with the sex ed they receive and want better information