Welcome to my world

I am honored and privileged that you are considering spending time with me on your journey.

I have been an intuitive for as long as I can remember. I was raised amongst women whose preferred language was the silent one spoken by the soul.  It was a natural decision to formally study the ways of healing offered through the power of touch, the language of story and the traditional wisdom of plants.

I have gone on to study ways of healing specific to women who have experienced sexual trauma.

It is my deepest wish that women live fully, joyously, in complete expression of their beauty.

It is my hope that one day, we will live in a world where this is encouraged, honoured & held sacred.

This is world I am working towards creating.

My role in this world is to bring to you the unique combination of ancient wisdom I hold, in a way that will enable you to come home to your true, sensual, dynamic self.

My passion is to see our young women come into this world with this as their birthright.

With this in mind, I facilitate numerous workshops to change the way we are teaching our youth about their blossoming sexuality. I have the privilege of talking to parents and young people all over Australia about the importance of self esteem, pleasure & the sacred nature of sexuality.  

You can check out more of my work  HERE.

I also get to travel the country with 8 of the most inspiring intimacy teachers, in my work as a facilitator at The Yoniverse. We offer full day explorations into women’s pleasure & arousal.

You can see when we will be with you HERE.

I have a full and incredibly delicious life, packed with juicy experiences.

It will be a joy to share them with you.

With Love,

Lily Isobella