Lily Isobella

Founder, Social Activist, Ignition Switch & Educator

With a background in Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy & Counselling, Lily has specialised in women’s health, and specifically recovery from sexual trauma for over 2 decades.  Between her private practice and her speaking career she has helped thousands of women claim back their health, vitality, body sovereignty & mental well-being after instances of sexual abuse, rape, violence & trauma.

She is well versed in what the problem is.

And more importantly, passionate about what the solution can be.

A sought after speaker, Lily travels Australia wide, educating parents & services about better ways to have impactful, insightful, brave conversations with our children about sex, love & self esteem.  

As a mother to 3 children herself, she has an empathic insight into how tough this part of parenting can be. She has been described as inspiring, engaging, thorough & wickedly honest. 

Totally dedicated to changing the destiny of one young person every single day, for the rest of her life, Lily spends her waking hours facilitating educational programs and curating social change events.

Featured in…

Al Norman

Senior Program Developer, Company Clown, Realist.

A veteran social worker, both in the UK and Australia, and specialising in helping our most at risk youth, Al brings over a decade of industry experience to our team. A critical voice of reason in program development, Al ensures our work is youth friendly and, more importantly, fun.

Trained as a Men’s Behaviour Change facilitator (domestic and family violence) his wisdom & unique insight has been instrumental in the development of the UPstanding program.

As a parent to 3 sons, a part time bush fire fighter & a full time youth homelessness service provider, Al’s passion for  the safety & welfare of young people is at the heart of his involvement with The One A Day Project.

Isabel Pavlich-Miles

Get UP Girl Boss Lady, Smiling Assassin, Boxing Babe

A fierce but kind warrior woman, who is always up for a fight.

Fighting for humanitarian rights, fighting for social equity, fighting for young people to be heard, and fighting in amateur boxing competitions.

Isabel brings her extensive experience in supporting women and young people through trauma and the lived experience of domestic and sexual violence, and is committed to working with both young men and women to change the way the world works and create a safer society for all. For this reason, she is the director of our  Get UP Girl program.

With an abundance of energy Isabel is a leopard print wearing, go getting, shiny sequin who oozes enthusiasm. She’s not afraid to get silly and connects and relates to young people with ease, creating a safe and supported space for them to express their true selves and engage with difficult conversations.