Do you want the kind of relationship that songs are sung about?

Poems are written about?

Wars are waged over?

Or maybe you just want the kind of relationship that fills your heart,

sets your soul alight,

brings you joy, pleasure, satisfaction,

connection, growth, challenge and deep love…

It does not feel like a lot to ask for, but let’s be honest –

that kind of relationship takes time, energy, effort, and commitment.

A life long commitment to learning one another as you grow, change & evolve.

A life long commitment to renewing the feelings that bind you together.

A life long commitment to being honest about your needs and your limitations.

A life long commitment to choosing that one person – again and again – day after day.

During a private couples session we explore ways to keep that commitment alive.

Ways to ignite the fire of passion in your partnership (especially if it is a little dim!)

Ways to continually connect – in intimacy, respect, desire, curiosity & love.

What will you learn?

A session runs for up to three hours.

During this time I will share with you:

  • Communication practices
  • The art of the relationship check up
  • The importance of setting relationship goals
  • Intimacy practices to foster trust & build sexual attraction
  • Touch as a love language
  • How to give a sensual massage

The skills you will both learn are practical and can be used straight away to enhance & deepen your connection to one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this ACTUALLY involve?

Your first session will be about where your relationship currently is and where you would like it to be. We focus on your strengths as a couple in mapping out a juicy plan to bring you closer together. Our focus is on communication and intimacy and developing your sexual energetic. This is not a sit down, talk therapy session. I will teach you actual practices and also guide you through conscious touch sequence. If you learn nothing else, you will learn how to give one another a mind blowing massage!

Will I need to get naked at all?

No! You can save that for when you are alone together! Everything I teach you is done fully clothed and there is no genital touching or any awkward moments… it is a fun, pleasure filled, usually humorous, very gentle time.

Is this couples THERAPY?

NO!  I believe that spending time cultivating the positive and fun aspects of your relationship will, most times, negate the future need for “therapy”. I am a huge advocate of preventative medicine – and for couples that is intimacy practices,  communication skills and fun. That is what theses sessions are about.

Will we need to see you on an ongoing basis?

That is entirely up to you.

I recommend at least 2 sessions – about 3 months apart. I find that old habits that get in the way usually show up again in this time period – and we can bring loving awareness to them in the second session. That being said, some couple see me every 3 months to do their relationship check in and learn some delicious new intimacy practices.

How long is a session?

Sessions are 3 hours long, and I only see couples on a Thursday evening, 6-9pm, at my gorgeous space in Bellingen.  If you are more than 100km outside of the Bellingen radius, we can arrange the session to be held over Zoom.

We will have a follow up 30 minute zoom call 1 week after your first session so you have a chance to clarify anything. This is included in the cost of the session.

How do I book?

Please call me on 0448 255 073 to discuss a time that will work for you.

I still have questions…

I am really happy to either answer them in an email, or I can arrange a time to give you a call

Check out some ideas to spice things up in the bedroom,


strengthen your communication muscle


and foster trust & intimacy…