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It doesn’t have to be awkward…

Our young people are struggling in a hyper-sexualised, bewildering, digitally enhanced landscape like never before. In an age where information is so readily accessible, our young people have more questions, and less trusted places to go to for answers.  

As a parent it is very easy to feel overwhelmed  by the number of issues facing our young people as they navigate their way in relationships, love & sex.   As a parent It is easy to feel powerless in the face of  porn, social media & peer pressure.  But now, more than ever, we need to be there for them. We need to be the ones they turn to. We need to be their source of honest, positive information. 

Being a sex positive parent is a skill.  And like any skill, some techniques, some resources and some guidance can make all the difference between struggle and success.

Sex positive parenting

helps your child understand that:

They have a right to respect

They have a right to safety

Relationships are fundamental to engaging in healthy sexual activities

They have the skills & abilities to create boundaries & choose wisely

Their bodies are unique and valuable, and should be treated as such

What they are shown in porn & the media is not real

That sexuality is about connection, exploration & self respect

They have a right to respect

Lily and her team have condensed the very best in latest research and combined it with practical parenting strategies to give you easy, fun ways to guide your children through this tricky territory.

Come and learn how to be the person your child turns to when they have questions.

Most importantly, we are going to show you how to feel CONFIDENT in your own ability as a parent, to navigate this territory with your child.

You will get all the resources you need, including real information, new skills & a deeper understanding of your child’s world. As a parent, you can provide the kind of information your children need – and are actively searching for.

We talk about the tough stuff…

Self respect, self esteem & self love

Sex, drugs, alcohol & desicion making

How to learn & nourish relationship skills

How to use media to your advantage

The impact of porn & social media

Appropriate developmental stages to begin conversations

Peer pressure & bystander behaviour


Fun, relevant easy conversation starters

Media induced body image standards

Strong, independent decision making

TRUE consent how to navigate sex  safely



Ways to deal with “Oh my, did they really ask that???” moments

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It’s never too soon to start….

Many parents believe conversations about sex, love & self esteem need to start happening when a child enters puberty. The studies that have emerged in the last decade are proving that this is not the best approach. Media-makers, marketers & the online world know the truth in this, and you should too.They are getting in early, but you can be there sooner. Self esteem, consent, positive body image, sexual decision making & relationship skills are all things that can start to be taught from birth.

Waiting until your child hits high school to start this conversation is too late. Messages of body positivity, consent, informed decision making & relationship skills can be shared from the time your child is born.

I attended a parent forum today with the fabulous Lily & it was hands down some of the best information I’ve ever received about parenting our girls, body image, emotions, & so much more.

Tools I can use to ensure my girls have a healthy respect for their own bodies, and I walked away with a few new understandings for my own body & beliefs. Lily has an outstanding ability to engage everyone, keep it light without losing the importance of the topic.

What an absolute delight, I want to do it again!

Hannah Wildman

Activist, We Are More Than Our Bodies

The workshop was excellent – integrating wisdom from may different disciplines into really practical tips for different age groups. I found the conversation starters regarding how to talk to kids about different aspects of sexuality really helpful.

I came away giving myself ticks for what I’m already doing well, and empowered in the areas I was feeling uncertain. This workshop really filled a gap for me — thanks Lily for your dedication to this issue and resourcing us to be even better parents!

Thea O'Connor

Personal Sustainability Specialist, Thea O'Connor

Lily Isobella

With a background in health & wellness, I have specialised in women’s health, and specifically recovery from sexual trauma for over 2 decades.

As a mother to 3 children, a survivor & an advocate for victims, I have a passionate & vested interest in creating a culture that supports safety, women’s rights, comprehensive sexuality education and a robust plan to end all forms of sexual violence.

I am utterly dedicated to developing & delivering programs that inspire, educate & empower people to create the cultural change we so desperately need to see.

I look forward to connecting with you, and creating a healthier & safer future for our youth.

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Frequently asked questions

Can my child attend?

This is a forum for parents only. Due to the nature of the material we discuss, it is not appropriate for children to attend. Besides, who doesn’t need a good excuse for a night of adult conversation? 

Are dads welcome to attend?

ABSOLUTELY! This seminar is for parents. Of all genders and orientations, raising humans of all flavours.

Are educators & other care-givers welcome?

It takes a community to raise a child, and the more voices we have in this conversation the better. We all have wisdom to contribute and a special place in our young people’s lives.  So YES. 

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on our seminars. We understand that life happens occassionally, and we are happy for you to give your ticket to another person. Please manage the transfer in the Eventbrite site where you purchase your ticket. The zoom link, and follow up notes will be sent to the listed ticket holder.

I will be late, is that OK?

We close the doors (& the digital room doors) 10 minutes after the commencement time. Unfortunately, if you are later than this you will not be able to enter the seminar. No refunds will be offered in this instance. 

I need to leave early, is that OK?

You are always free to leave at any time. But you might miss the good bit!

Do I need to take notes?

You can if you would like, but we do send out pretty comprehensive notes after the seminar. 

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