Get up Girl Rebelle – ages 10-12

(mums are welcome to watch & hang out)

Please note our Rebelle program is available as an in school program delivered over 2 sessions. Please contact the office to discuss your school’s requirements.

We learn about:

  • Body awareness – what is a YES and what is a NO
  • Intuition – how to tap into your best safety tester – your intuition
  • Group dynamics – how to go against the flow if it is not safe for you
  • Consent – what is consent and why is it so important?
  • Bystander Approach – how to help out your friends if they are struggling
  • Self Esteem – get to know why YOU are really worth looking after
  • Mental & Emotional wellness – ways to keep yourself safe, happy & strong
  • Self Defence – learn practical self defence skills that will help you if you do find yourself in a sticky situation.




Saturday March 28, 1.00-4.00pm

$49 each or $85 for 2 girls




Sun March 29, 1.00-4.00pm

$49 each or $85 for 2 girls



COFFS HARBOUR Showgrounds, Panorama Room

Tuesdays, 5.00 – 6.00pm

Term Two: May 5 – June 30 (9 weeks)

Start anytime – register here! 


BELLINGEN St Margaret’s Church Hall

Thursdays, 5.00 – 6.00pm

Term One: Feb 13 – March 19 (6 weeks)

Term Two: April 30 – July 2  (10 weeks)

Start anytime – register here! 





Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different to other Self Defence Courses?



Most self defence courses only focus on the physical aspect of safety. Not only do we cover the psychology of violence, we also include:

  • Situational awareness
  • Mental & emotional wellness
  • Relationship skills
  • Self esteem building
  • Body image improvement
  • Resilience & confidence

Not only that, we are very proud to be one of the only programs in NSW with ALL female instructors, who are experienced in the domestic violence and sexual assault sectors. Lily Isobella, our head instructor is one of only 4 fully qualified female MDTA Pure Reality Based Self Defence Instructors (women & children) in the country, so you can be assured you will be training with the very best.



Is this martial arts?




The physical systems we learn during the day have been developed from close quarter fighting styles, and are based on realistic "street" scenarios. There is a huge focus on preventing violence and aggression, situational awareness, and using realistic survival strategies.

Will I get hurt?

You only participate at a level that is comfortable and safe for you. In one session trainings we are completely non-contact between participants - you will have a chance to give our instructors a good smack though (they are tough and can take a hit!)

I have been assaulted in the past...

Whilst our instructors are trauma informed trainers, we request you chat to us before registering. We firmly believe the Warrior training to be a powerful addition to recovery and we would love to see every survivor attend. We pride ourselves on your safety - emotionally and mentally as well as your physical safety. We run special Survivor Warrior trainings throughout the year and we request that you consider training at one of these sessions if you feel vulnerable in large groups or with touch.

Please contact Lily directly to talk about where you are at with your journey, and which training will be most suitable for you.

Do I need to be fit to attend?

NO!! This is not a fitness course, this is a life skills course. You can come along in any state.

You will be challenged in a fun and safe environment and you will be asked to tell us about any pre-existing physical conditions or illnesses that might impact on your ability to participate fully.

How many people are in each group?


We take a maximum of 12 girls in Minis and Rebelles. We allow up to 20 women to attend a Warrior day. We may have more than one instructor present for a larger class.

Due to these very limited numbers, tickets sell out very quickly


What does it cost?


Mini: (1.5 hours) $35 each or $65 for 2 girls (mums participate for free!)

Rebelle: (3 hours)  $49 each or $85 for 2 girls

Warrior: (4 hours)  $59 each or $110 for 2 women



Where will it be held?


Please see ticket section for details.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing and sports shoes

Minimal or no jewellery

Hair tied back or bring ties with you


What should I bring?

Any attendee under the age of 18  will need a parent or guardian to sign their registration form. These will be emailed to you at least one week prior to the event.

You will need a water bottle & for the Warrior training you will need a healthy light lunch as well as snacks.

You will need to bring any medication you might need (like asthma puffers etc)



Do parents attend?

A parent or carer must attend and participate in all Mini sessions. Get Up Girl is a female only training space, for safety and integrity. We welcome all those who identify as female. If you are a solo male carer, or if you are unable to find a suitable female carer to attend with your daughter, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

We advise mums to hang out and be inspired during the Rebelle session. You will learn lots and will also have loads of interesting things to talk about afterwards.

Anyone over the age of 16 can attend Warrior training without a parent (16-18 need permission slips still). If you are aged 14-16, you can attend with a parent who is also attending and participating.


Who are the instructors?


Lily Isobella

CEO, Founder & Head Instructor

With a background in Herbal Medicine, Lily has specialised in women’s health, and specifically recovery from sexual trauma for over 2 decades.  Between her private practice and her speaking career she has helped thousands of women claim back their health, vitality, body sovereignty & mental well-being after instances of sexual abuse, rape, violence & trauma.

A qualified MDTA Pure Reality Based Self Defence instructor, Lily is keen to teach every woman how to stand tall and walk safe. Totally dedicated to changing the destiny of one young person every single day, for the rest of her life, she spends her waking hours facilitating educational programs, parenting her 3 epic kids  and curating social change events.


The Get Up Girl in my area is all sold out - now what??




We only allow small groups for Get Up Girl, so tickets are in high demand. If you have missed your area, please email us at lily@theoneadayproject.org to go on the wait list.