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Be someone who does something

Every single one of us plays a role in violence prevention—whether it’s something we’re exposed to directly or not. We want you to have the ability to recognise when a problematic situation is taking place and feel empowered to effectively interrupt the behaviour, providing it is safe for you to do so.

It is our aim to raise awareness around the ways in which abusive behaviour is embedded in our culture as well as the subtler issues that support a potentially harmful environment. Our programs challenge the root attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that normalise violence against women, inequality, racism, discrimination and bullying within our society. We recognise that in order to facilitate change, we need to open a dialogue about the dynamics and context of all forms of violence.

You may recognise that violence and discrimination don’t align with your values, but how often do you take a deep dive on the topic in an interactive environment? In our violence prevention programs, we create a safe space for people to share their opinions as well as any experiences they may have had with problematic behaviour to bring light to issues that are often left undiscussed.


Fostering effective Leadership

Imagine a world where everyone thought of themselves as a leader. Where problematic behaviour wasn’t ignored because people felt too unsure about how to handle it. Effective leadership is what stands between us and a peaceful, safe society.

We believe that change starts with the individual. Our violence prevention training is based on the idea that not only do we have an opportunity to do the important work around raising the bar on acceptable behaviour, we have a responsibility. It is the work we do at an individual level with our peers that has a ripple effect on the people within our sphere of influence and ultimately makes the difference. This is the philosophy that underpins our approach to violence and discrimination prevention. We help to develop effective leaders who have the tools to action change within our greater community.

Motivating ActionThrough Empowerment

MATE is designed of best practice and has been developed over two decades of delivering training to diverse and varied populations.

MATE focuses on the prevention of violence against women, and additionally (depending on your specific needs), applies a bystander approach to the prevention of racism & discrimination, bullying & harassment, and creating positive workplaces – allowing us to contribute to communities free from all forms of violence.

Ultimately, the aim of the program is the raise awareness of the level of abusive behaviour in our culture as well as the subtler issues that support a harmful and abusive environment. Upon doing do, MATE highlights our capacity to step forward in difficult circumstances and recognise that the change starts with us.

MATE challenges attitudes and beliefs and motivates us to take action.

NSW Regional Facilitator:

Lily Isobella

With a background in health & wellness, I have specialised in women’s health, and specifically recovery from sexual trauma for over 2 decades.

As a mother to 3 children, a survivor & an advocate for victims, I have a passionate & vested interest in creating a culture that supports safety, women’s rights, comprehensive sexuality education and a robust plan to end all forms of sexual violence.

I am utterly dedicated to developing & delivering programs that inspire, educate & empower people to create the cultural change we so desperately need to see.

I look forward to connecting with you, and creating a healthier & safer future for our youth.


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