Many parents believe conversations about sex, love & self esteem

need to start happening when a child enters puberty.

The studies that have emerged in the last decade are proving that this is not the best approach.

Media-makers, marketers & the online world know the truth in this, and you should too.  

They are getting in early, but you can be there sooner.

Self esteem, consent, positive body image, sexual decision making & relationship skills

are all things that can start to be taught from birth.

Why it is never too early to start the conversation

Waiting until your child hits high school to start this conversation is too late. Messages of body positivity, consent, informed decision making & relationship skills can be shared from the time your child is born.

Percentage of young people who have had, or are engaging in sex

  • Year 10 students 25%
  • Year 11 students 33%
  • Year 12 students 50%


of students surveyed use porn to fill in the gaps in the sex ed they receive at school


of children have viewed online porn by age 16


of young women aged under 21 have had an unwanted sexual experience


of students are dissatisfied with the sex ed they receive and want better information

Come along to a 90 minute parenting seminar to learn what you should be talking about and how to start.

We will go into age appropriate ways to talk about all things relating to love, sex, self esteem and safety, including

  • Self respect, self esteem & self love
  • How to foster relationship skills
  • The impact of porn
  • The school environment, peer pressure & hooking up
  • Media indoctrination & body image standards (for girls AND boys)
  • The importance of TRUE consent & how to navigate sexual encounters safely
  • Navigating sex, drugs, alcohol & the party scene
  • Confidence & strong, independent decision making
  • Ways to deal with “Oh my, did they really ask that???” moments
  • Appropriate developmental stages to begin conversations
  • Fun, relevant & easy conversation starters

But most importantly, I am going to show you how to feel CONFIDENT in your own ability as a parent, to navigate this territory with your child.

You will leave these seminars with real information, new skills & a deeper understanding of your child’s world.

As a parent, you can provide the kind of information your children need – and are actively searching for.


From birth, until they leave your care, we can help you keep them safe…




For parents of children aged up to six years

For parents of children 7-12 years

For parents of children 13-18 years

Listen up. If you have a daughter, I know you have questions. This is the place for answers. Lily is direct, honest and unflinching – just the kind of no BS approach we need. Do yourself, and your family, a favour.

Alex Right


I attended a parent forum today with the fabulous Lily & it was hands down some of the best information I’ve ever received about parenting our girls, body image, emotions, & so much more. Tools I can use to ensure my girls have a healthy respect for their own bodies,  and I walked away with a few new understandings for my own body & beliefs.

Lily has an outstanding ability to engage everyone, keep it light without loosing the importance of the topic.

What an absolute delight, I want to do it again!

Hannah Wildman

Change Leader, We Are More Than Our Bodies

Lily isobella is a skilled facilitator enabling a group of parents with diverse views and life experience to navigate a sensitive topic with respect and robust discussion. Lily was well researched on her topic, not only with the stats within Australia on rape, porn, and age of loss of virginity, but also about how the education of young people about sex differed across cultures and countries.

We were able to learn about the gaps in our knowledge and also how to sensitively guide our beloved young people through what we hope to be a very special time in their lives – one that has the potential to be very challenging as they begin to really navigate personal boundaries, preferences, love and respect in a very intimate way.

Thank you Lily for a great workshop I look forward to attending and learning more

Karen Plumbe

Curator at Events With Soul

Parenting seminars are available Australia wide. Please feel free to talk to us about collaborating with your school or day care so we can come to you.

These are 18+ events and tickets are essential.  

We welcome educators and service providers as a valuable addition to tall of our events

If your school or service would like to send a staff member, please talk to us about institute tickets.