A woman who knows her pleasure,

who is comfortable with her passion,

who is the keeper of her own fire,

the lover of her own body,

the mistress of her own temple,

is a woman this world needs.

For too long we have been consumed by the busy-ness of our day to day lives.

We have been distracted by the never ending to do lists, the never ending needs of everyone else.

For too long we have learned to live with a low grade dissatisfaction.

An itch in our soul.

A gentle voice that whispers constantly – surely, there is something more…  

A vague daydream in which we feel, somehow, different.

More powerful, more rested,

more sure, more vibrant, more alive,

more… ourselves.

For too long we have put off listening to a quiet, wise voice.

This is the voice of your sacred self.

The woman who lives in your heart,

the woman who knows what your life can look like

when you feel truly, incredibly, alive…

I always knew there had to be a different way to live.

I used to watch those “other” women.

You know the ones.  

They seem to sparkle and shine – their lives seem to flow with a grace & ease I envied from afar.

It was if they had discovered some secret power..

And they had.

They had discovered what happens to a woman when

she is completely, confidently and deeply engaged with her sexual self.  

They had learned that a woman’s core is not her achievements,

not her home, her job, not her friends or her family.

A vibrant woman’s core is her sexuality and participation in

a divine relationship with her own sacred vessel –

her beautiful body.

A woman who can engage fully and passionately with her own body,

willingly let go into pleasure &

explore the vastness of her own nature,

can create deep and lasting change

in all areas of her life.

Engaging with your sexuality is not to make you a better lover,

it is to make you a lover of your own life.  

It is to reclaim your energy, your vitality, your sparkle.

It is to give your life that something “more” you have been craving…

But how do we learn this?  

How do we become rapt in ourselves,

as if we were the mythical lover we have always longed for?

How do we turn that attention inwards and ignite our own flame again?

Is it even possible?

I promise you it is…


What you will learn during a session

  • Ancient practices for sexual health
  • Intimacy & communication practices
  • Sacred Jade egg practices
  • Self massage & self pleasure practices
  • Full body meditations
  • Embodied movement practices
  • Creative play processes
  • Wild heart story telling

What you will experience after

  • Renewed connection to your body
  • Deep healing of sexual trauma
  • Ignition of your creativity, your spark, your fire
  • An ability to relax completely & restore your energy
  • Experience new states of pleasure
  • Sexual sensitivity & heightened arousal
  • Access to deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner

Women come to see me for a variety of reasons… here are just a few.

  • You feel “shut down”, “numb”, “bored”, or “disconnected” from your sexuality
  • You would like to feel more confident in the bedroom, and in life
  • You have been in a relationship for a long time and would like to liven things up again
  • You would like to explore new ways of relating sexually to yourself and your partner
  • You have pelvic floor issues that you would like to correct with the Jade Egg
  • You have physical problems experiencing sexual desire & fulfilment (pain, decreased lubrication)
  • You would like to supercharge your radiance & vitality in everyday life
  • You want to explore the fun side of sexuality, but have questions you are too afraid to ask anyone else
  • You have a history of trauma you would like to clear, so you can enjoy your body & your passion again
  • You want to learn new ways of loving your body
  • Your sex drive has changed – increased or decreased
  • Your libido has dropped after child birth or menopause
  • You want to feel confident, vital, joyous, gracious and delicious – all of the time


Do any of these things sound familiar?

If so, it might be time for you…


Simply click on the link below to make a time with me.

I am really happy to chat via email with you about your particular concerns and if we are going to be a good fit to work together.

Please feel free to ask me any questions that might help you decide to put yourself first.



I see people once a week in my beautiful session space in Bellingen.

I am also available for online sessions.

Bookings for both are essential.


Below are some frequently asked questions…


Are you ready to become the woman you have

always wanted to be?

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out and contact me.

If you are ready to start your new life, go ahead and make time for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are sessions held?

We can work together in person or via Zoom call.

I have a beautiful healing space in Bellingen, NSW that I work from.

Address is supplied during your booking process

How do I make an appointment?


Bookings are essential, as I only work with a very small number of women every year..

Please call me to discuss availability and a time that will suit you.

0448 255 073


How long do sessions go for?


I suggest you allow up to 2 hours for your session with me.

It is also a good idea to make some alone time for yourself afterwards.

How many sessions will I need?

The work we do is intense. My sole aim is to teach you practices that will enable you to continue a pleasure filled journey in your own life, without my guidance.

With this in mind, I see women for a MAXIMUM of 4 sessions in any 12 month period.

Will I get a health fund rebate?

The short answer is no.

No health funds, unfortunately, support this work.

Sessions are $125, ($97 for concession card holders) . You will be asked to pay a $35 deposit when booking your session. This will be deducted from the total of your session.

Will you touch my breasts or vagina?


I will not be performing yoni massage on you, nor will I be touching you intimately.

Sessions are designed to teach you practices you can enjoy with yourself!

Do I need to have done tantra or some sexual practice before?
Sessions are for ANY woman who is ready to explore her sexuality – from an emerging adventurer to a full blown shakti goddess.