I thought you did a fabulous job, and was very grateful and inspired to be engaging with the community on this level, as I am passionate about cultivating a culture of depth, safety and sacredness in our sexuality and relating that is EMBODIED rather than just theoretical.

Nirado Griffin


Amazing, educational, funny, delightful, inspiring, hopeful.


Mother, NSW

The workshop was excellent – integrating wisdom from may different disciplines into really practical tips for different age groups. I found the conversation starters regarding how to talk to kids about different aspects of sexuality really helpful.

I came away giving myself ticks for what I’m already doing well, and empowered in the areas I was feeling uncertain. This workshop really filled a gap for me — thanks Lily for your dedication to this issue and resourcing us to be even better parents!

Thea O'Connor

Mum & Personal Sustainability Specialist, The O'Connor

Lily articulates clearly and reframes the whole way in which we could teach our children about their sexuality, highlighting the pleasure and joy which can present compared to the fearful and punitive way in which the information is often delivered now.

The topic is dealt with honestly, respectfully and we were not bombarded with graphic visual imagery.


Mother, NSW

An open hearted & honest discussion at how we view sexuality & how we share it with our girls. It felt safe to share some of the fears I had with how to speak to my daughters & to also share some of the times when things didn’t go as planned!


Mum, QLD

Every parent should experience one of Lily’s workshops. Her humour, professionalism and clarity on when and how to broach these hairy-scary topics, not to mention her push-the-boundaries (safely) approach is just so deliciously refreshing, inspiring and empowering.

THANK YOU Lily. Knowing you and your workshops exist for my family have removed fears i had on how to handle love, sex, relationships, respect and resilience with my kids.


Mum & Educator, QLD

An amazingly refreshing evening – loved the frank conversations, laughter and shared information. The Forum was a truly great parental experience – giving direction, support and pragmatic advice on how to raise resilient girls filled to the brim with self-esteem and kick-ass attitude. Truly loved the night! Thank you!



A dynamic and open forum with real and empowering information about how to raise girls so they are assertive and in control of their own sexual experiences from birth.

As Lily presented, we are teaching our girls how to relate to their bodies and their sexuality from birth by modelling, and that is more important that all the teaching and resources we can give them. To raise empowered girls we need to become empowered women and mothers. The work starts with us, there is nothing our children are doing that we didn’t teach them.


Mother, NSW

It was real. It was fun. Learning for everyone


Mother, QLD

Awesome, candid, confronting, informative and uplifting. So so important to attend something like this to help with our own clarity, to feel supported, and validated so we can give that to our own girls.


Mum, QLD

Lily Isobella & the forum, totally delved into and didn’t forget one juicy morsel about educating children, with the right knowledge to enjoy, empower relationships, self esteem, body love, awareness & safety. Thank you Lily & everyone that attended, great night!


Mum & Educator, NSW

It was challenging, but well worth it if you are truly committed to support your kids in an evidence informed manner


Mum & Educator, QLD

Invaluable. A must do to learn the skills to educate our daughters on how to face the world being the most amazing women they can be and that there is nothing wrong talking about topics that most people shy away from.

The content and delivery was extremely professional but on a level that was so comfortable and easy to relate to and join in the discussions. The 4 hour workshop seemed like it was 20 minutes, it was so engaging.

Julie Hudson

Mother, NSW

Lily is amazing. If more women could only aspire to be like her the world would be a better place. She is smart, funny & knows her stuff!

Every parent should go to one of her workshops to either reassure themselves that, hopefully, they are on the right track or better still to be gently pushed in the right direction.

As a parent you make a conscious decision to have a child, it’s then your responsibility to talk to them, teach them about life & honestly answer their questions. Children are a lot smarter than a lot of adults give them credit for.

If your not already having these, at times, quite frank conversations with your children Lily will ensure your set up with the tools to confidently go forward & do just that!


Mother, NSW

The time with Lily was very much appreciated, this woman knows so much about sex and intimacy and she’s so comfortable in her own skin, presents the subject with lots of warmth, knowledge and humour. I learned heaps .about how me, as a parent can support my girls/kids in all things sex, intimacy and body image. I got the importance of me, the parent stepping up and initiating those conversations, and I got lots of clues about how to actually do it, how much at the time and when to back of. It feels much easier now to approach the subject age specifically.

This  workshop was such a great way into this field. This field, that can become a minefield if it’s not tended too or a fertile field for beauty and pleasure enhancement if supported by Lily, who showed up with so much courage and honesty. I highly recommend it to any parent.


Mother, NSW