The One A Day Project has a huge goal – and we are always on the look out for heart centred, passionate people to help us achieve that goal.

Our events and seminars are powered by a LOT of volunteer hours. Profits from these are used to enable face to face programs for young people.  YOUR skills, time, and even financial contribution means the work we do can help even more young people.


We would LOVE to have your skills…

Social Media Wizard

If facebook and insta keep you up at night in a state of constant excitement, and you would like to use you social media powers for good, we WANT YOU.  Ideally you would be beside yourself happy posting and responding daily to our ever expanding digital tribe.

Get in touch if this makes you say HELL YES.


Grant Writing Guru

If you have epic grant writing skills,  a knowledge of how to navigate “that” space and some time up your sleeve, you have a place right here…

Get in touch if the thought of lengthy grant applications leaves you weak in the knees


Event Expert (or novice with a passion!)

We have some mighty amazing events on our to do list and we would love the help of an experienced and passionate event co-ordinator to help them come to life.

Get in touch if you want to help co-ordinate some epic parties to help get our message out



Parents are our greatest allies…

We believe that when a whole community is engaged in healthy dialogue, no problem is too big to handle. Lily’s passion is to create a national dialogue about sexual abuse and what WE can do to prevent it.

You can talk to your school community about engaging Lily to come and present her parenting seminars and create a new culture of positivity, prevention and conversation in YOUR community.

Get in touch about being a parent liaison here (cloak and dagger liaison costumes are optional..)


Sponsor a program…

All our team have stepped up and made a pledge to help young people. For Lily, it was the pledge that started it all – to keep one young person safe a day.  For others it has been a particular group or school.  We know not everyone has the time to be hands on, but still feel passionately about being part of the solution.

You may not have time, but you may be in a financial position to sponsor a program for a group of young people, or for high risk disadvantaged parent groups.

When you sponsor a program, your company details are associated with all media coverage, your details will be listed on our sponsorship links site, and your company will share in our social media coverage of the program.  We keep you up to date on all developments and outcomes of the program (within the confines of safety and confidentiality.)

Get in touch to find out what programs are open for sponsorship

Run a fundraising event…

Are you a party person? Like to get groups of peeps together for a good cause? Then we encourage you to go and get your good thing on for an exceptionally good cause.  If you would like to sponsor one of our programs,  have loads of friends who like a good time, and you are unafraid to stand up for what you believe in, then we would love to hear from you.

Tell us your party idea