Or, if you live in our house, MUM. I speak to so many women who left their sexual identity at the threshold of becoming a mother. In our culture it is an insane taboo for a woman to be a mother – AND love sex.

And yet, if we are honest, it is exactly what our bodies are calling us to do.

Be mothers AND be fully sexual

Make school lunches AND make lunchtime love – even just with our fine selves

Do the laundry AND do wicked things

Buy batteries for toys

AND buy batteries for our own damn toys

Play dress ups & have tea parties

AND play dress ups and live out raunchy fantasies…

The 2 are not mutually exclusive. And we have to start making space for women to show up as their full, delicious sexy selves – so that our daughters can see that it is possible, right and necessary. That they know they need not lose any part of themselves on the road to motherhood.

It is time to shake the shame from being a woman who loves sex AND a mother… and celebrate the raw joy of it.

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